Total Opportunity Cost of Ownership

Choosing the right technology often comes down to cost – the time and money required Total cost of ownership (TCO) is as ancient as enterprise software itself. While TCO has been a mainstay for decades, there’s another cost that’s perhaps more onerous and far less discussed – total opportunity cost of ownership. As new technologies … [Read more…]

My 2020 Christmas Letter To My Kids

I email my kids – their “future selves” – quite often. Since 2020 was such a clusterf*ck, I sent them a long email about Christmas. I also figured that other people – parents or not – may want to read my views on Christmas, so here they are. Christmas email to my kids, circa 2020 … [Read more…]

What is a recovering data scientist?

“What is a recovering data scientist?” This question arrives in my LinkedIn messages at least once a week. It’s easy to see why, since my LinkedIn title says “recovering data scientist”. While “recovering data scientist” is admittedly a bit clickbaity, there’s also considerable truth to the moniker. The “recovering data scientist” schtick started several years … [Read more…]

Data Heretics Live, Episode 2

What a funny place LinkedIn can be. Since I dropped most social media, I’ve met quite a few cool data people from all over the globe on LinkedIn. I met a group of fellow “data heretics” from places like Australia, Singapore, and Montana. We all have contrarian views on data science, and decided to film … [Read more…]

Later Instagram and Twitter

For people who’ve asked where I’ve been lately on various social media, here’s a quick answer. My only public social platform right now is LinkedIn. In the last few weeks, I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts. This means I’m totally removed from those platforms. You won’t find me there. Similar to what I did … [Read more…]

Tips for running a virtual meetup

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly changed quite a few things with respect to meetups and how people network. Having helped run several popular tech meetups over the years, I’ve got a good handle on how to run physical meetups. We did our first virtual meetup – the Utah Data Engineering Meetup – on March 18th … [Read more…]