Advice On Running A Tech Meetup

Since 2014, my buddy Faris Chebib and I (along with a few other hardcore friends) have run the SLC Python Meetup . We started the meetup because we were too lazy to drive to the other Python meetup – 20+ miles away – during rush hour. From 2014 to now, we’re close to 2500 members. … [Read more…]

The Bait and Switch of Data Science

Every morning, I read almost a dozen articles. A few articles usually relate to data science (I hate the term “data science”, as it’s very overloaded. Here, I’ll confine data science to AI or machine learning). Lately, I notice more and more articles echoing something I’ve been saying for years – data science is hard, … [Read more…]

2019 – New Year, New Habits

It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m sitting in my grandma’s house in Omaha. She’s a cute 88 year old lady who always inspires me to be a better version of myself. She never complains, and simply continues to take care of herself and focus on what she can change for the better. We’ve never … [Read more…]

Hello again :)

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted anything here. Truth be told, I’ve been hyper-focused on other things besides writing. Not writing is a bad habit though. Writing is critical, and something I’ll be doing a lot more of. So, hello again 🙂 So what’s been taking up my time? My last post about … [Read more…]

The Path Of A Reluctant Data Scientist

I’m a self-described “reluctant data scientist”. Wait? Didn’t Harvard say that data scientist is the hottest job of the 21st century? Why would someone reluctantly claim title to the rockstar status, money, and glory that come along with being a data scientist? In my personal experience, there’s a big gap between data science hype and the … [Read more…]

The Point Of Struggle – Ai vs Balkanized Reality (Podcast)

In this episode of The Point Of Struggle, David Gonzalez and I riff on AI, ethics, and balkanized reality. Listen here The conversation ties to a post I wrote in March about leaving Facebook. Expect more conversations like this, since its a topic that I constantly think about. Speaking of which, a tweet this morning … [Read more…]

Perfect Handstands and Hard Projects

Shareholder letters are an opportunity for a CEO to explain their company’s place in the universe, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. Twice a year, I drop everything and read shareholder letters from two of my favorite CEOs – Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos. They’re not just great CEOs (they’re excellent). They’re also world … [Read more…]

Unfriending Facebook, AKA Derpbook

After over a decade on Facebook, I finally decided to unfriend Facebook. The recent revelations of Facebook’s latest fiasco with Cambridge Analytica (and likely hundreds or thousands of similar incidents) was the tipping point for me. Actions. Not words. Enough is enough. #deletefacebook — Joe Reis (@josephreis) March 21, 2018 For the last couple … [Read more…]