Best Work Goodbye Email…Ever

Got this from a buddy. Sent from a VP at a very well known company who decided to do other things with his life. You won’t know who this is, but the lesson is among the best you’ll learn in your life. Here goes.

“Well here we are.

Mixed feelings. Deep love. Urgency. Let’s just jump into it. God knows that patience is an aspiration for me.

I have had the honor to have “this” conversation with too few of you. Don’t judge. It’s only a matter of opportunity. Quiet, focused moments over the past 5 years are elusive. My fault.

I have had this conversation in multiple forms: The Narita lounge, a junk ship in the Hong Kong harbor, on the 2rd leg of a Delta 22 hour flight, at a McDonalds, on my couch in my living room and more often in my office.

If you already think this is bordering on pretention, first, fuck you. Second, you are probably right. Who am I to give you advice? Your Mom thinks you’re awesome. So go ahead and stop here.

So here it is.

Be Great.

I’m Great.

Wow a bunch of you stopped with that last line.

Let me clarify. I am Great because of a simple truth. I have been able to create great things doing what I truly love to do, using my full God-Given potential, with people I truly respect and love.

I am great not because of a title or money or power or how anyone other than how I view myself.  I am great because I have been able to create great things doing what I truly love to do, using my full God-Given potential, with people I truly respect and love. Are you doing that?

Let’s clarify how I did that. A few rules.

I doubt myself constantly. I suck at my job. I don’t spend enough quality time with my best friend, ***. I feel like I am a shitty dad. And more relevant, I cannot get enough done (especially in the earlier days). Doubt is constant. But doubt is a driver.

Now the easy part

I learned from some amazing mentors this simple concept. Create a Plan. A Plan is a slayer of doubt. A 5 year plan.  A 1 year plan. A Tuesday plan. It’s cathartic if nothing more. I need to do X by Y. Write it down. Simple.

Now the hard part.

Step into it. That feeling when you are on your mountain bike, on a ridge of a steep rocky downstep and brake. A little. And then you let go and launch. That is the single feeling that greatness follows. The ‘oh shit’ if I don’t land this I am breaking a wrist. And I am alone. And if I land it no one but me will know. Fuck it, let’s go. Adrenaline. Step toward it. You need to step into it. You need to lean into it.

Now the harder part.

No one really gives a shit if you land it. You wife doesn’t want you to break your wrist. Your Mom just wants you to call and connect with her. When you land it, and get a promotion, title, money, etc. no one will care. Silence. No parade. No party. No high school reunion movie. Nothing.  But you will know. And that matters.

You Ok with that? If you are, then you can be Great.

For those who stuck with this note, thanks. Well honestly, I don’t give a shit. If you have been paying attention, I won’t be there for your imaginary parade anyway. But do know I am already proud of you. Deeply. Because I always knew you would be Great. Always.

Step into it.

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