Weekend Reads – 12/9/2017


  • Living in cars, working for Amazon: meet America’s new nomads. As a data scientist, I often wonder how to travel…maybe automate warehousing jobs. But then I think how cool it would be to live in a van, and maybe do some random work to pay for gas. As I did as a climbing bum back in the day. This article has all of those bases covered. (The Guardian)
  • Jimmy Iovine Breaks Down What’s Wrong With the Music Business, Warns Against Overoptimism in Streaming: ‘They’re Not Making Money’. (Billboard)
  • The Death of the Alt-Weekly As Told By An Industry Lifer. I’m a 80’s/90’s child. I’ve grown to expect alt-weekly papers as a norm. It’s now like punks growing up and adapting to new realities. (Reason)


  • Patrick McKenzie’s list of advice that “everyone knows”, but somehow actually doesn’t know. Aphorisms on practically anything related to a healthy relationship with tech and reality in general.  (ThreadReader)
  • The Three Economic Eras Of Bitcoin. A fascinating look into how the hot, HOT bitcoin has evolved. (Medium)
  • The Early Stage Slump. There’s an obvious decline in seed investment. In my opinion, this is well past needed in the cycle of overspending on dumb ideas. Startups should operate like real companies, and take money only when they feel opportunities or economies of scale warrant a huge financial infusion (think Facebook). The vast majority of SAAS companies don’t need that cash, and will die on the vine due to lack of real-world business need. It’s really that simple and painful. (Fred Wilson – AVC)

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