“AWS Cloud Is A Fad”

“AWS cloud is a fad”. At least that’s the gist of what I heard when a friend told me about somebody leaving a company due to a critical initiative to move IT and data resources to the cloud. The cloud happens to be on AWS. I sat there stunned for a moment, mostly because I cannot believe there are still tech professionals who still don’t understand the importance of the cloud. In case you’ve been living under a rock, cloud is happening, and it’s been happening for ages – even with incumbents like Microsoft.

If people want to live in the past, circa 1999 Office Space (you know – pleated khakis, case of the Mondays, comb overs, on-prem bullshit, etc), I’m sure there are still a dwindling number of places that will hire those who embrace yesterday’s technology. But that number is shrinking; it will never grow. It’s not the future. It’s a dinosaur graveyard.

The future doesn’t stop for anybody. The technology industry continues to move ruthlessly forward. The steamroller of technology will crush you if you stand still. If you want a future in this industry, keep learning, be flexible and push forward.

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