Weekend Reads – 12/16/2017


  • Motel Living and Slowly Dying. (LA Review Of Books)
  • Coal Declining Due to Economics, Not Regulation. Natural gas up. Coal down. (Ritholz)
  • Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO Social Capital, on Money as an Instrument of Change. I really enjoyed this talk with Chamath. He’s got a viewpoint and action-oriented mindset that really resonates with me. (YouTube)
  • Be Prepared To Lose Your Job In The Future… If You Don’t Learn This One Skill Now. Mental models have been a mainstay for me since I started emulating Charlie Munger’s habits many, many years ago. This article covers how to future proof yourself by using mental models and getting back to fundamental knowledge. (Medium)


  • The Moral Economy of Tech. “I am very suspicious of attempts to change the world that can’t first work on a local scale. If after decades we can’t improve quality of life in places where the tech élite actually lives, why would we possibly make life better anywhere else?”  (IdleWords)
  • The Amazon Machine. Very good essay on Amazon’s money-making flywheel. (Benedict Evans)
  • Layman’s Guide to Elliptic Curve Digital Signatures. Crypto is here to stay. Time to learn the basics. (RoyalFork)

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