The Point Of Struggle – Ai vs Balkanized Reality (Podcast)

In this episode of The Point Of Struggle, David Gonzalez and I riff on AI, ethics, and balkanized reality.

Listen here

The conversation ties to a post I wrote in March about leaving Facebook. Expect more conversations like this, since its a topic that I constantly think about.

Speaking of which, a tweet this morning highlights a problem with the growth AI and its impact on privacy.

If Facebook is making 200 trillion predictions a day – only Facebook, using today’s technology and algorithms – what is the growth curve for AI-enabled predictions 5+ years from now as AI adoption increases, and the technology and algorithms improve? How does this impact privacy, ethics, filter bubbles, mean-reversion of experiences, and much more? It’s a complicated mix of topics without much precedent or analogues.┬áHonestly, I’m going to be thinking about this for a while…a long while.

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