Later Instagram and Twitter

For people who’ve asked where I’ve been lately on various social media, here’s a quick answer. My only public social platform right now is LinkedIn.

In the last few weeks, I deleted my Instagram and Twitter accounts. This means I’m totally removed from those platforms. You won’t find me there. Similar to what I did on Facebook a few years ago. Gone for good.

The reason – these platforms are too toxic for my personal taste (your mileage may vary). To be clear, I’ve had no direct issues with people on these platforms. Rather, I don’t find these platforms conducive for good thinking or content consumption. To me, they’re mental wastelands, both in terms of time investment and substance.

For what I need, LinkedIn still provides a good platform to chat with smart people of varying interests and perspectives. It’s refreshing. Let’s keep it this way.

You can still get ahold of me on LinkedIn, email, Slack, etc.

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