Co-Founder and CEO of Ternary Data. Professional data nerd. Dad. Patent holder. Occasional athlete. I live in Salt Lake City, UT. USA.

Since 2002, I’ve helped companies become more intelligence-driven. Deep experience with all things data – analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, data engineering, and software engineering. Also, extensive domain expertise in operations, supply chain, retail/ecommerce, and marketing.

In my spare time – when I’m not hanging out with my family or enjoying the endless outdoors in the West – I love to write code and stay on the bleeding edge of the data field (as much as that’s humanly possible 🙂

I love to read, think, and write about business, technology, and learning. This site is the central hub for any ideas I want to share.

All opinions are my own and do not represent those of my employers, clients, or colleagues (past or present).