Monday Reads

TGIM! Hope you have a productive week. Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping. Not good…not good at all. (ArsTechnica) Q&A: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent. From one of the OG’s of AI. (Quartz) 6 SQL Data Warehouse Solutions For Big Data Analysts (With Their Pros And Cons). … [Read more…]

Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday! What I Learned From Reading Every Amazon Shareholders Letter. Because Amazon eats all. (Medium) Advancing the analytics maturity curve at your organization. Such a good overview of what it takes to truly implement analytics. (Slideshare) How to Make Your Point. Tips for aspiring Op-Ed writers. (NYTimes)

Saturday Reads

Pour yourself a cup of coffee or 3. Why Agile isn’t working. Ever wonder why Agile “fails”, despite good intentions? Read on. (Hackernoon) Google’s learning software learns to write learning software. Meta title. Enough said. (Wired) As ‘Unicorns’ Emerge, Utah Makes a Case for Tech Entrepreneurs. Utah has been one of the best kept secrets in … [Read more…]

Friday Reads

Here are some Friday reads. Wellbeing enhanced more by places than objects. Guess it’s time to take that next trip after all! (Guardian) AI Hierarchy of Needs. I’ve been sharing this article with a lot of people I know in data. It addresses a problem I’ve seen too often – companies want to “do AI … [Read more…]