Steps You Can Take To Build A Solid Data Foundation

Building a solid data foundation is prerequisite to becoming data-driven or intelligence-driven. In a previous post, I outlined the progression to grow into an intelligence-driven company. Many companies will have a hard enough time becoming data-driven, let alone intelligence-driven. I will mainly focus on how to become data-driven. Becoming data-driven is a major long-term commitment, … [Read more…]

Back To Basics With Data Series – Coming Soon

Following up on my forward looking article, “The Intelligence Driven Company“, I will come full circle and write a series of articles on how to get back to basics with data. All too often, I’m seeing companies with giant ambitions of doing great things with data – AI, machine learning, automations – without having a … [Read more…]

The Intelligence-Driven Company

This is the first post of a series on how companies can get smarter by using data. It begins with an audacious goal to inspire companies to move beyond the typical approach of building models and reports and allows all of us to explore the idea of the intelligence-driven company. Tl;dr Company decision making has … [Read more…]

Code Weak

It’s national “Computer Science Education Week”. Industry and Obama wants everybody to get out there and learn to code. The push to get everybody tech savvy is noble, but I wonder exactly what problems are solved when people learn to code. On one hand, people who invest the time to learn to code will at … [Read more…]

Working At A Startup While Raising A Family

We recently had our second child a couple of weeks ago. His name is Ethan, and he’s truly a joy. Our other child, Milo, is 2.5 years old. I’ve occasionally read about how risky it is to raise a family while working at a startup; I also read about VCs not supporting startups whose founders … [Read more…]