The Bait and Switch of Data Science

Every morning, I read almost a dozen articles. A few articles usually relate to data science (I hate the term “data science”, as it’s very overloaded. Here, I’ll confine data science to AI or machine learning). Lately, I notice more and more articles echoing something I’ve been saying for years – data science is hard, … [Read more…]

Weekend Reads – 12/9/2017

Non-Tech Living in cars, working for Amazon: meet America’s new nomads. As a data scientist, I often wonder how to travel…maybe automate warehousing jobs. But then I think how cool it would be to live in a van, and maybe do some random work to pay for gas. As I did as a climbing bum … [Read more…]

Weekend Reads

Non-Tech It’s the Grim Reality of Frequent Work Travel: Health Problems. Travel is glamorous, except it also sucks when done in excess. My recent trip to Asia reaffirmed this. Sitting in a plane and eating airport food? Gross. And if this is part of your job? It’s about as awesome as being a long-haul truck … [Read more…]

Come see me at SLC Python next week

If you’re in the SLC area, please attend my talk, “Intro to Time Series Forecasting”. It will involve some brief overviews of time series analysis and forecasting basics, then delve into how to use Facebook’s new time series forecasting library, Prophet. Very practical advice along the way, mostly from a business viewpoint (I speak to … [Read more…]